How To Drink Black Coffee: The Basics

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Feb 9 2019 · 5 min read

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo DaVinci wasn’t wrong when he mentioned less is more. His dedication and endless hard work never went unnoticed. A revolutionary titan of his time, Da Vinci is an eternal reminder that producing any masterpiece, or anything of value, requires focus, determination and discipline; that of which requires a pure and simple state of mind.

To say that I am an experienced barista with thousands of dollars worth of coffee machines would simply be a lie. I am quite new to this field and I am not afraid to admit it. But coffee holds great meaning to me. I grew up watching my grandparents revel in the finest Turkish coffee grounds, observing its velvety, smooth texture carefully poured into small, dainty coffee cups. Traditionally, once they finished drinking their Turkish coffee, they would flip the cup over so the coffee grounds would fall into the saucer, leaving behind intricate markings that supposedly tell your future. I’m definitely not the superstitious type, but I never grew tired of hearing about my fortunes.

My coffee memoirs unfold at the age of 15 after my mother introduced me to a magical concoction that made me fall in love. The moment it touched my lips I felt a sudden rush. Its warm, creamy texture embraced me with an immense range of flavors. It was new, it was bold, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Today, you’ll never find me void of a cup of coffee in the morning.  

I begin with the little coffee bean’s simplest forms: Black. I cannot stress this enough, but switching to black coffee has been one of the hardest and best decisions of my life. Many who watch me make my coffee minimally disapprove.

“That’s it? No cream or milk? No sugar?”

The presumption that black coffee is vile cannot be further from the truth. I drink my coffee black because I want to enjoy it the way it was designed. The way it was grown, picked, handled, roasted and shipped to me. Not only does it shock my system every morning with its bittersweet taste, but I’ve realized that for so many years, I’ve dulled its natural flavors by adding cream and sugar. Frankly, it is an acquired taste, but drinking black coffee has opened a door to a myriad of different and unique flavors. In its most authentic form, black coffee is rich, pure and undiluted.

Now this is not to say I would give up that caramel macchiato or that gingerbread mocha that we so often indulge in, or completely refuse to add cream and sugar to my coffee, but rather to revel in a sensory experience like no other. Eventually I will dive into the quintessentials of a coffee tasting experience, however today I’m focusing on my top reasons for drinking black coffee.

The Complex Design Behind the Coffee Bean

Regardless of the type of coffee you are drinking, there was thought, intention and effort behind the way that coffee is made. Your local coffee shop franchise, though selling coffee in bulk on a daily basis, still makes that enormous effort, making sure that each batch tastes the same. Third wave coffee roasters on the other hand spend hours coffee tasting or cupping, roasting and developing coffee profiles to adapt to customers needs. They make the most out of that coffee bean that was so carefully grown, harvested and processed from different regions of the world and deliver it to you in its utmost precision. Drinking black coffee, therefore, helps you appreciate that process.

Never A Forbidden Fruit

The best thing about black coffee is the fact that it has almost zero calories. Though health benefits of coffee are still a controversy to this day, I’d rather not indulge in that wild goose chase. Adding cream or sugar to your coffee makes it the caloric crisis, and therefore should be evaluated depending on your preferences. If I want my coffee sweet, I usually add natural sweeteners like stevia, but not too much so it would overpower the taste.

Find Your Coffee Element

Everyone has different preferences. Luckily coffee has a variety of different flavors, unique from every region its bore from. Coffee can be sweet, creamy, fruity or even spicy. The flavors are limitless to the human palate. Discover your coffee preferences, explore different additives, and adjust according to your positive experiences. I took on a brave venture and subscribed to a monthly coffee roaster that delivers coffee from sustainable coffee farms all over the world. If you’d like to find out more about Atlas Coffee Club’s subscription service, click here.

Your Dreams of Becoming a Chemist Finally Come True

Trying different brewing methods is not alien to the coffee world. Today we’re presented with a variety of different and progressive ways you can make your coffee. This way, you’re meticulously measuring your dosage, coffee grind size (course or fine), and the method of execution. A few different coffee brewing methods include:

  • Espresso machine

  • Aeropress

  • French press

  • Chemex

  • Manual pour over coffee makers

  • Vacuum/ siphon pot

Change That Mug

If you truly want to experience your coffee, please don’t use your 5 year old branded coffee mug. I love mine too, but I simply cannot use it to taste my coffee. For the longest time, I even used a plain white coffee mug to drink my coffee, but even that altered my perception of the coffee I was drinking. According to a study, drinking from a white coffee mug can make you perceive your coffee as either more bitter or less sweet. Conclusively, we should all be drinking from clear coffee mugs.

Careful: Make sure your clear coffee mug is double glazed and heat proof as the heat from water may shatter the glass.

Your Coffee, Your Rules

The best thing about coffee is the fact that it is completely customizable. You dictate your personal preferences. Don’t let a coffee shop or an articulate blogger alter the way you drink your coffee. Essentially, coffee is your happy place, and perhaps you enjoy the cream and sugar that we so frequently fall for. But maybe it’s time to spice things up, try something new and be adventurous. You never know, its natural elements may surprise you.

Simplicity isn’t banal, it’s elegance.

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